Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sacrament Poem

His birth name as Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto
Four traits he was a Saint,Pope,Priest,refugee.
He had three brothers and six sisters
He mostly loves  his family
He was happy when he became Pope Pius IX
He needs  his  Catholic church to  give him authority
He gives his life to God
He prayed that he wouldn't  be feared   wolfes
He wanted to see Pope Pius IX
He was born in. Lombardy - Venetia, Austrian Empire

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Physical Education

PE is  when you have you teacher decides if you have worked well. PE is fun you play all sort of different games.PE is good because its a good exercise  and good fitness so you can practise on your skill and you running PE is good and fun.

What I learnt in TAE KWNOW DO

This  week  in Tae KWON DO  I  learnt  how to  break out when someone is holding my hand.I learn  a kicking  move called the  snap kick you can break a person  face.Our TAE KWON DO  teacher  told us the 5 tenants  Courtesy, Integrity,Perseverance,Self-control,Indomitable Spirit