Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Today I swam with my class in the swimming pool .We were split into 2 group.The year 7 went first into the pool.The year 8 watch the year 7  have fun in the swimming pool.I was jealous  I got wet a few time  I saw smile on the year 7 faces.They practise doing freestyle they had numbers.Their time was up.I was excited Once I stepped in  it felt like I  was at the beach with some friends .I  splash  to the other end of the pool.We had free time my friends and i had raced up and down the pool.we were called back we changed quickly and went to class.  

Friday, June 14, 2013

Place Value and Reversibility

I had 64 apple I
Place Value
64-36 ?
30- 6=24+4=28 if you want to check your answer you go  28 +36=64

137-56 ?
56+___ =137
4 + 40 + 37=81+56=137

Portfolio 2013 Descriptive Writing

I am a young Male my face is round like a ball. I have straight  black hair and dark brown eyes.I have brown skin. I'm fast and my favourite subject is maths.I love playing rugby with my friend. I have dark brown eyes and black eyelashes.I have straight hair. I'm short and slender.I like eating health food.I  laugh  like a monkey I have a tiny nose and small lips. I like telling scary stories with my friends.