Monday, September 16, 2013


I had a fun time at the Cluster Rugby.We versed Panmure Bridge
I would admitted that I was a little bit scared but also very Excited. When the game began, eyes were on the ball, waiting for the Kick off. I knew I had a lot of pressure and I knew my team were counting on me. I felt the nerves sinking  in as once the ref blew the whistle, I knew it was  
time to start. I felt the rush of speed I chased the ball down the field.
David Saulala  passed me the ball and I ran fast like a cheetah.

I scored in front of my mum I felt proud I rushed back in line.Our team scored and scored.The final whistle blew we were all puffed out.We won are last game against Glen Brae.It was our final game against Tamaki They were pretty tough we ashamed.We vs Glen Brae in the Semi Finals I beat them people started to have the confidence our defence was good.

We won that game our team was thought to the finals It was pouring with we were all cold we waited for the ref. Tamaki had the first try I was slippery to get to there try line.The ref blew the whistle the game was over I was dangerous for us to play in the rain.

We grabbed our bags and rushed into our van.We were freezing like ice.We turned on the heater. we got to school and quickly changed our clothes