Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Liturgy

Thursday March 28
Today is holy Thursday Saint Pius X Catholic school  had a Easter liturgy.I had a reading to say and be an angel .I was a bit nervous.Every one sitting up waiting for the mass to start.Jesus what the main person in the mass.My reading was about killing Jesus for what he didn't do.I was nervous people were looking at me.

I just looked at my reading   Once I finished I was proud of myself.I came down and dressed into my angel costume  I stood up and read my part.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


For the past three days I had a fun experience  learning about triathlon. We raced against each other. I raced to the cone like a cheetah.  It was exciting because I like riding bikes.  It was fun  because it was my first time doing Triathlon.  People found  riding bikes difficult because they  couldn't ride bikes.The best part for me is the waterside it was fun and slippery. I slipped through the slide which was filled with soap, then I ran to my bike. I cycled through people  trying to get to the bike area first. I took of  my helmet and sprinted. Halfway through running  I stood on a prickle. I walked to the finished line.

Soul Friend Mass

Soul Friend mass
On the Feast day of Saint Patrick we had our soul friend  mass. My soul friend was Joseph.He likes playing games . I had to sit quietly to  listen the mass I wished the mass was over because athletics. Athletics was my favourite sport. My soul friend and I wore our shamrock. I had to tell the kids in front of me to be quite because they were distracting me. Father asked us some questions about the new pope .

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bio Poem about myself

My Bio Poem

Sibling of Sione,Sivi,Malakai,Tokilupe,Folauhola,Fotu
Lover of Rugby and Music
Who fears Dog's
Who needs help when they are stuck
Who gives help when they need it
Who would like to see people helping others
Resident of NZ