Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cross Counrty

The Saint Pius   X   Cross  country is a  sport event.
Its  a long distance runaround the block.
The whole school was involved.They ran by there ages.
The whole school gathered into the tennis courts.
The Teachers organize the children to sit down in there
ages.The Saint Pius children sat down  waiting  for their race.

It started from the oldest to the youngest.
The 13,12,11 had to go twice around the school.10,9,8 goes once.
Miss G called the 12 and 13  year olds  to come and get ready for there race.The students waited for the bang to start.They were pumped up for the race. They heard the bang the. students  rush down the hill following Romano.

The student jogged up the hill.The students legs were hurting running up the hill.They ran twice around the block 12 and 13 finished there race .The 1st,2nd and 3rd make it into the Cluster.

The Senior syndicate finished there races.

Senior syndicate cheered on the Juniors while there were run. Everyone had a great time in  the Cross country.