Monday, June 27, 2011

Mary Mackilliop show

On Thursday our school had the privilege of seeing a play about Mary Mackillop in our school hall and why she became the first saint from New Zealand and Australian . Mary Mackillop was born in Australia and the Mackillop family was poor and need some food . Their was a man who's name was Scott and there was a girl who name was Julia where performed the play. I thought that Scott was funny and the crowd laughing at him and Mary Mackillop was played by Julie

Scott had riped clothes and Mary Mackillop told Scott to go to Saint Joseph home and they will help you and your family . When Scott came back he told Mary Mackillop that her sister died . Mary Mackillop want to go to see her sister and she need a ride a short distance to see her sister even though she was dead. She went to the place but there were people drinking in this place and a man , Kelly, and Mary Mackillop went to see her sister after she died.

Another part of the play told us about when Mary’s Dad was milking the cow and need to push the cows and seven people had to push this one cow and Scott told them your standing on the cow would work. After the helpers finished they sat back down and after an few more parts of the story it revealed that Mary was now a Saint . Many members of her family were happy that Mary Mackillop was a Saint. Even Mr Coakley had a part in the play as he had to throw a pillow to Scoot and to try and land on the billy cart.

Well I enjoyed the show and I now feel I know Mary Mackillop better.

Friday, June 24, 2011


On Tuesday afternoon we went to the hall and listened to how to make a kite room3,4,5,6 was their we use a string,paper,sticks, we followed instruction to how to make a kite .When we finished making our kites we had to colour in the kites and doctorate the kite and we finished that each class room had a turn to fly there kite it was room3,then4,5,6 we looked at Awesome kites fun working with the Matariki people.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Flossie Teacake by Hunter Davies

Today I read Flossie Teacakes by Hunter Davies it is about Flossie and what she wanted to wear.It talked about what she should wear. They keep there room tide and some don't but Flossie wisest of them as if she was not all the rules would had changed.In page 61 a woman, it could be Flossie, is outside looking out in a shoe shop. The illustrator has used very effective pencil drawing to catch my eye. So far I have enjoyed the book but I may no read another book by this author.

Friday, June 3, 2011

The final ANZAC Letter

76a Rugby Street
Line RD
Dear Dad,

I miss being in the lounge at home in the evening, as the dugout is so, yuck. So much mud and other stuff I don’t know how to describe it to you. You know what, I am glad the war is far from home .

Some guys from our troop died the last time we went over the top and so the team of volunteers who signed up from our town will be fewer when we get home, but most of us are survivors to the end and we will get back home.

The enemy keep throw grenades at us and the canon shells explode near us or just beyond us . The other morning the aircraft even bombed us .

So Europe at war looks a mess. You see any newspapers headlines about the British Empire and Len Coley from Palmerston North?.

Miss you guys heap,

Love Tevita