Friday, June 3, 2011

The final ANZAC Letter

76a Rugby Street
Line RD
Dear Dad,

I miss being in the lounge at home in the evening, as the dugout is so, yuck. So much mud and other stuff I don’t know how to describe it to you. You know what, I am glad the war is far from home .

Some guys from our troop died the last time we went over the top and so the team of volunteers who signed up from our town will be fewer when we get home, but most of us are survivors to the end and we will get back home.

The enemy keep throw grenades at us and the canon shells explode near us or just beyond us . The other morning the aircraft even bombed us .

So Europe at war looks a mess. You see any newspapers headlines about the British Empire and Len Coley from Palmerston North?.

Miss you guys heap,

Love Tevita

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  1. i am happy to read your message David, i am happy that you have a nice family circle there.
    but be careful always,
    maybe you saw on TV news about happenings in London,
    we must be careful all the time,
    but we all know that there's a guardian angel always watching all of us all the time,
    take care always and god bless,
    best regards


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