Friday, October 7, 2011

World War

In the 1940 there was a war that the Germans wanted to control England. The children went on the train to go somewhere else and they were split up from their parents. Some children didn't see their parents at all after that. The German’s came but some of the children were gone.
All of the evacuees were jealous of Max as he was living at Mrs Fatai’s house, a kind and caring woman. Dan and my other mates from the city were with families which were kind of mean and unwelcoming. I wish I was fighting the German’s and stopping the German’s coming to England. Mrs Fatai had a seperate room for everything, the kitchen, a dining room and even a separate door in the house. Max felt a little bit special because he had his own bedroom for himself.
Sadly one night when they were sleeping the Germans came and shot Mrs Fatai, but the other children were still alive when it was morning. The children saw that Mrs Fatai was dead and they had to bury her. The children were crying when they buried Mrs Fatai.

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