Friday, May 11, 2012

Basket Ball

On a Sunny new day Room 7 went out to play   Basketball
there was a man named Bruce he was our coach him a his helper who plays for the Auckland Pirates  Bruce  teach us how to Dribble  we got  into five groups Ofa was our leader
he told us to get low a bounce with one hand  not with both hands.

We had to dribble the ball to the cone and back to see Bruce blew the whistle Ofa dribbled the ball  running to the cone a back our team won the round Bruce made us flip the cone over while dribbling the ball it was hard  to dribble the ball I tryed my best to dribble the ball  and flip the cone over and to put the ball under my leg I run and  shoot the ball into the hoop.

We played a game call Builders and Re builders  The girls  had to dribble the ball and  pick up the cones and stack them the boys lost we had to do 10 push ups. Basket Ball was Awesome         

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