Friday, November 8, 2013


One day  Steve called me if I wanted to go over to the islands and stay with him  .  I booked my flight the next day  .  I packed my bags. I called the cab to come and pick me up from my house the cab driver took me to the airport I walked into the airport it was filled with people.  I went and check in.I was waiting for my flight soon I was in the plane  .  I hopped out of the plane and looked if my brother was there Steve,  just arrived to the airport  . We headed to his place  there was a man sleeping on the couch  ."Who's that man sleeping on the couch" it's was flatmate his name is Paul  my brother showed me my room I unpacked my  suitcase took out my brand new shoes Paul saw my shoes I put all my shoes in the locker I just left my clothes in the suitcase .

The next morning I went running  with Sam and Paul I couldn't find my new shoes it couldn't disappear It was here yesterday I'll just find it after  .We ran down the hill up again we done starjumps we went back home looked everywhere for my shoes I looked for my shoes in the locker  . My shoes  was not there I wondering who could of took my shoes  .I never went anywhere It was just me and Paul  .I went for a drink and went back to the room I saw Paul opening my suitcase and taking some of my clothes I shouted to Paul "what do you think your doing  .I told him if he was the one who took my shoes "no" he said I checked his room my shoes was on his bed.  Steve came back from work I told Steve"your flatmate is a thief he stole my shoes .

I called the cop, me and Steve was holding Paul  .The cop's suddenly arrived they took Paul to prison I pack my shoe and bags and headed to the Airport Steve said "where are you going "I'm going back home it's too dangerous here  .Take me to the airport I headed back home I was never going back to my brothers house.  

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