Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Portfolio Recount

One early morning my brother,my dad and I  went fishing with my dad fishing.We went with my dad friends’ boat.  on his boat my brother and I hopped in the car and waited.My dad  put 3 fishing rods in the boat with the bait and life jacket’s we headed to St Hellies. My dad reversed down into the water were it was shallow. The tralior was in the water  my brother and we  jumped into the boat we drove off into the very deep side it was still dark .

We took out our fishing rods and began fishing  I caught I first fish I was not the kind of fish I thought I would catch.I threw back my fishing line my line felt very hard I was trying to reel in my line.My dad help my we were half way there I saw the fish it was small  it was called a snapper I caught some few fishers and I took a nap.We went back home because there were no more bait left so we headed back home.

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