Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tevita Level 3 Multiplication

I am learning to solve  promblems using Multiplication at Level 3
1.    When Jasmine makes lemonade she uses 6 lemons for every litre of water. How many lemons does she need for

i)     2 litres of water?    _2x6=12_double the lemons and it makes 12________

ii)    3 litres of water?    3x6=18  ________

iii)   10 litres of water?   6x10=60

2.   Devinda is doing some baking. When he uses his mum's recipe he can make 8 muffins. When he doubled the recipe he gets 16 muffins. How many lots of the recipe does he need to make

i)     24 muffins?     ___2 recipes __double the recipe 3 times _____

ii)    32 muffins?     __3 recipes____double the recipe 4 times_____

iii)   56 muffins?     __7 recipes_____double the recipe 7 times_

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